Election Day is Monday, Oct. 27th

Call 905-507-6372 if you need a ride to the polls.

Information for voters:

  • Your voter card will indicate which poll you can vote at.
  • If you did not receive a voter card, you can register at the polling station with proper identification. Call us at 905-507-6372 and we will help you determine which station to go to.
  • Remember to take photo I.D. when you go to vote. If your I.D. does not have your address on it, please bring a piece of mail or other proof of address, such as a hydro bill.

Download a copy of my latest information package here.


Carolyn Parrish for Ward 5 CouncillorI am delighted to be running for Ward 5 Councillor in this year’s municipal election.

Ward 5 is an extremely diverse ward with two distinct but complementary sections that make an incredible challenge for those who would serve it well.

Filled with warm, friendly and hard-working people, Ward 5 residents deserve to be treated with respect and provided with excellent service from their Councillor.

“I have the ability to make things happen in Ward 5
because I can hit the ground running – no training required!”

I served in Ottawa for 13 years and am sincerely grateful for the opportunity and happy with my accomplishments there. I’ve chosen to return to local government and intend, with hard work and a little luck, to stay here and serve Ward 5.

As your Councillor, I will bring Ward 5 residents my extensive experience from the School board, federal government and local and regional councils.

My commitments to you:

  • I pledge to remain your Councillor as long as you need and want me to represent you
  • I will bring my experience and my ability to attract private sector donations and senior government grants to Ward 5
  • I will ensure we get our fair share of the huge tax base that is produced in Ward 5
  • I will watch carefully, every week at City and regional Council, ensuring not one penny of your hard-earned tax dollar is wasted
  • Most importantly, I will ensure your calls are returned promptly, your questions answered and your opinions valued
  • I will be your ‘long-term’ Councillor should you vote for me

Learn more about my specific goals for Malton and Britannia, and be sure to contact me with your comments and questions.