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The Mississauga News Article: Canada Day In Malton

Read this great article by Rachael Williams on our Canada Day Celebration happening this Friday Click here to read Malton Canada Day celebration to hos longest fireworks display in the city. The Mississauga News, June 28th 2016

Mississauga Has a Real Affordable Housing Crisis On Their Hands

When activists and politicians say the words “affordable housing,” people might assume they’re using a politically correct catchall term for “subsidized housing” or perhaps even “welfare.”  In some cases, they might be. In the case of Mississauga, however, affordable housing means just that — housing that the average social worker, accounting clerk or retail employee … Continue Reading

Article on Malton in the Toronto Star

Click on the link below to read this weekend’s Toronto Star article profiling the history of Malton. Malton’s history stretches back past YYZ by Shawn Micallef  

Mississauga councillor Carolyn Parrish wants to open up unused land near Sheridan College for affordable housing projects

Councillor Carolyn Parrish has pegged city-owned lands around Sheridan College as prime real estate for affordable housing. Parrish made the recommendation at Monday’s planning committee meeting during a staff presentation on the city’s affordable housing gaps. The report concluded a gap exists in both income and supply in Mississauga and recommends the city work towards … Continue Reading

Mississauga Planning Committee Approves First Step In Malton Redesign

Rich in history and home to the city’s most diverse ethnic population, Malton has long been ignored when it comes to funding initiatives and community projects. But that’s all set to change as the City’s planning department passed a long-term community vision, MyMalton, which establishes guidelines and principles for the redevelopment of one of Mississauga’s … Continue Reading

Keeping it simple down on the Britannia Farm

“The Board of Education is legal agent of the land, but morally speaking, the land belongs to the young children of Peel.” That’s John Fraser, former director of the Peel Board of Education writing in a 1986 report about the Britannia Farm, the magnificent 200-acre greenspace in the demographic centre of the region. The untouched … Continue Reading

Former meth lab converted into affordable housing unit for Mississauga family

A former meth lab will soon be converted into a home for a Mississauga family of six struggling to make ends meet. Samina Khalid and her husband Khalid Rauf came to Mississauga from Pakistan with their four children in hopes of a better future. And after 10 years of trying to find an affordable place … Continue Reading

A McLaughlin Road tree-hugger completes the circle

“Should the City of Mississauga be allowed to destroy the edges of a beautiful woodlot to accommodate the questionable needs of urban sprawl?” Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley was asked that question by a rookie Peel public school trustee in August, 1988 in a letter asking for an environmental assessment of a plan to widen … Continue Reading

Peel councillors begin reexamination of water fluoridation benefits

Reexamination of the benefits and potential health risks that come from adding fluoride to Peel’s drinking water is officially underway. Almost five years after Peel Regional councillors closed lengthy debate on the merits of municipal water fluoridation by unanimously voting to continue the longstanding practice, council members have reopened the issue. Members of the Region’s newly … Continue Reading

Land transfer deal crucial first step to Goreway Dr. bridge construction

A land transfer deal involving the Province, the City of Brampton and a third party will result in the construction of a bridge at the CN rail crossing on Goreway Dr. in Malton. After years of Mississauga city councillors fighting for an overpass to be built on Goreway Dr. to alleviate traffic delays, the project … Continue Reading