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Decision on $1 senior transit fare pushed to next month

“During budget deliberations this morning, Mississauga councillors decided to hold off on approving a plan that would offer $1 transit rides to seniors. The decision will now be made next month. Ward 5 councillor Carolyn Parrish, who brought up the idea of providing seniors with a $1 fare to ride MiWay during non-peak hours earlier … Continue Reading

Editorial: A less controversial Carolyn? Parrish the thought

“In English author Alain de Botton’s book, The News: A User’s Manual, he talks about “gaffe journalism” – the practice of zooming in on a politician’s unfortunate misstep, and squeezing its grapy substance until you produce some fine whine (correct spelling), or usable, and controversial copy. Carolyn Parrish is the perfect target. She’s blunt, and … Continue Reading

Editorial: Grateful

Dear Editor: As a resident of Mississauga since before it was born, I am grateful to Carolyn Parrish for running as a candidate for City Council in Ward 5. I know her to be a helpful and honest person, experienced and able in public affairs. She is concerned about fair play for children, the elderly, … Continue Reading

Editorial: Mississauga Business Times

August, 2011 Invariably her name evokes a response – good and bad.  She’s been a lightning rod for voters at both the federal and municipal level for years – pro and con.  Some charge that she’s a human incendiary device, a negative force on the political scene.  Others say she’s a dogged worker, an effective … Continue Reading