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Goreway Bridge Approved!

After a great deal of detective work, many conversations with the Province and strong cooperation from Brampton, a public meeting was held September 18, 2018 to announce the construction will begin Spring 2019 at a cost of $40 million dollars shared between the two cities. FINALLY!

Development of Fairwind Park

Fairwind Park has been designed by the community. First we consulted residents and had the fire station moved from its original location, which would have been where the purple oval now denotes a playground. Well attended public meetings were then held June 5 and September 26 as the final concept plan took shape. Construction begins Spring 2019.

I have committed to raise $800,000 from private donors to build an accessible, fantasy ship to inspire physical activity and imaginative play. The result will be an accessible natural wood fantasy creation to stimulate physical activity and imaginative play. It will also suit the adjacent Cooksville Creek and the wetlands that will be preserved in the park. Construction of the park begins Spring 2019 with the creative playground completed sometime in 2020.

Britannia Fall Fair September 29

An old tradition has returned to the Britannia Farm with our second annual community Fall Fair at the Old Britannia School House. This year, again with lead sponsor Pinnacle International, as well as TMG, and three Tim Hortons stores. We’ll have an old fashioned fair with a few surprises – a veggie market, Horse and Wagon rides, Free Tim Hortons beverages, a BBQ and bouncy castles, cotton candy and popcorn, Dixie Land music, an incredible 80 foot T-Rex hot air balloon for tethered rides and much more. Put Saturday September 29th 11:00-5:00pm in your calendars!

Ten Acre Events Pad to be Developed

Excitement around the Hershey Centre! The long and beneficial relationship with the Hershey Company will come to an end this July. The new sponsor for the arena and facilities around it will be Paramount Fine Foods. A massive new sign will be installed on the arena and all the catering will be taken over by Paramount. A varied and high quality menu will be available at all the service outlets in the complex.

A second major change will be the termination of the contract for the management of the buildings: concert bookings and staffing, special events like Carrassauga, Concert bookings and a wide array of sports events like Steelheads, Raptors 905 and professional boxing. Management will now be part of the City’s Recreation Department at a savings to the City and the taxpayers.

The ten acre events pad along the east side of the site, adjacent to the 403, was prepared jointly between the City and Cavalia. The $1 million in fees for storm drainage, water and electrical installations and surface were prepared for the Odysseo show which thrilled Mississauga residents with its giant travelling tents, music, equestrian prowess and acrobatics. Now, the City has issued requests for Expressions of Interest for an expansion of the complex to include a permanent, complimentary use. Proposals in the past have included a Water Park with retractable roof and hotel for visiting tournaments, and an entertainment centre with restaurants and pubs. We are expecting some exciting proposals all of which will be shared with the residents of Ward 5 before any decisions are made.

What’s Next for the Britannia Farm?

City Council recently gave final approval to the rezoning of the 32 acres along Hurontario and Bristol Road for mixed use development. The Peel District School Board Trustees will now decide if the land will be offered for long term lease or for sale. The land prices for large pieces of land like this are climbing, making this parcel worth well over $100 million if sold. A sale would bring more revenue for the relocation of the Heritage Buildings and development of the Outdoor Education Centre.

What type of development should you expect to see on these 32 acres? City Staff can only suggest the number of units and heights of buildings that the property should hold. They are looking at up to four high rise buildings not exceeding 16-20 stories close to Hurontario with boutiques, fruit and bakery markets, restaurants and other shops in the bases of these buildings to animate the LRT stretch.

The city requires that the land facing residences on the south side of Bristol Road should contain units no higher than two or three stories and have put that into the rezoning documents. Finally, I have suggested that because of the uniqueness of the Farm as a whole, it is important to have structures that compliment the 168 acre farm built with natural materials, open spaces and compatibility with the Heritage buildings. Rather than open the property to a bidding contest where the highest bidder is free to load the space with metal and glass, I suggested to Chair Janet McDougald that the Board consider having the price set for the land and then invite proposals which will be judged on design and materials and chosen for their compatibility with their surroundings.

Whatever is decided, it will be done very soon. This has the potential of being one of the most exciting projects in Ontario and it will be happening right here in the Ward 5 community!

Malton’s Progress Continues: What Lies Ahead?

The next four years will see Malton progress, modernize and amaze- including this $40m rebuild of Paul Coffey Park. Click HERE for more details.



A Youth Drop-In Centre and Health Club for Malton

Possibly the most exciting announcement involves conversion of the abandoned Lincoln Alexander SS swimming pool into a full Youth Hub. Closed seven years ago when the new Community Centre opened across the road, the City-owned building on Peel Board land has had its doors chained, waiting for just the right proposal for the more than 10,000 residents under the age of 19 who live in Malton. With the reminder that 11% for the Region of Peel’s operating budget comes from Ward 5, and 24% of the City’s, Councillors were convinced to put the $10 million required for the conversion of 12,000 square feet of space, into 2019 budgets. Regional and City Councillors unanimously voted to convert the unused pool into this hub. The ground floor will be a drop-in centre for after school casual use: music, computers, pool tables, a creative art centre and a functioning kitchen. A 40% mezzanine will house social and health services under the umbrella organization of the United Way of Peel and Malton Neighborhood Services which recently received a $300,000 provincial grant for HUB development.

Financial Assistant Programs for Older Adults

As Mississauga’s older adult population grows, there will be those in need of financial assistance. The City of Mississauga offers many assistance programs for older adults, including programs for low-income seniors.

These programs include:
• Property Tax Rebate Program
• Stormwater Subsidy Program
• Yard Maintenance Subsidy Program
• Active Assist Program
• Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program
• MiWay Affordable Transit Program
• MiWay Senior One Dollar Cash Fare – Off-Peak Program

For more details about these City programs and other financial assistance programs offered by the Region of Peel, the Government of Ontario and Government of Canada, visit

Goreway Bridge Under Construction

After years of promises, multiple delays and a fair share of mysetery, a Contract is being awarded in the amount of over $40 million to finally build the Goreway Bridge. Delays have driven the costs up by $19 million. The Brampton City staff are the lead on this project.

Goreway over the CN tracks will be closed for 12-15 months for construction, eliminating the need for track rerouting and detour construction which would add $9.5m to the costs and 26 months to the project.

After consulting with many residents of Malton, it was agreed we’ve waited too long for the bridge at a location that sees 15,000 vehicles a day regularly being halted by 50 freight trains per day. The road closure will be a small inconvenience to ensure to finally enjoy the convenience of our overpass.

Freedom Pass Lets Youth Ride for Free

A Freedom Pass allows youth ages 12 to 14 to ride MiWay for free and swim for free at City-run pools all summer long. The pass, a partnership between the City’s Transit and Recreation divisions, can be used from July 1 to August 31, 2018.

Applications are available at starting May 1. Bring a completed application (parent/guardian signature is needed) along with a piece of photo ID displaying proof of age to any City-operated community centre. A photo will be taken by a customer service staff member to create a personalized Freedom Pass.

Check out the Freedom Pass video here: