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Iconic Mississauga Sports Complex Gets New Name As of July 1

The City of Mississauga’s iconic sports complex, currently called the Hershey Centre, will soon bear a new name and logo. The multi-purpose sports arena and entertainment venue will undergo a name change just shy of its 20th anniversary. Hershey Canada Inc. decided not to renew the naming rights agreement set to expire on June 30, 2018.

“The City has a great long-standing business relationship with Hershey Canada. We understood that this was a difficult business decision for the company,” said Shari Lichterman, Director, Recreation. “We’d like to thank Hershey Canada for their partnership over the last two decades and wish them well with their future ventures.”

Hershey Canada’s decision not to renew prompted the City to look for a new sponsor late last year. Paramount Fine Foods (Paramount) expressed interest and opted to purchase the naming rights through a new ten-year agreement.

Lichterman added, “We’re excited to be working with Paramount on this agreement. With final approval from Council, we look forward to fostering this partnership and the opportunities it will bring to the city. As we approach the July 1 transition date, we will begin to update signage, websites and other facility assets to help local sports clubs, residents and fans around the city adjust to a new name.”

As part of the signed agreement, Paramount will be given the naming and signage rights to the sports complex, which includes the sports arena and entertainment venue, the community rinks, the Mississauga SportZone and outdoor sports fields. Under the proposed terms:

  • the Hershey Centre will become the Paramount Centre
  • the Hershey Community Rinks will become the Paramount Community Rinks
  • the Mississauga SportsZone will become the Paramount SportZone
  • the Hershey Sports Fields will become the Paramount Sports Fields

“Today marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Paramount Fine Foods. We are extremely proud to partner with the City of Mississauga in the naming of one of Mississauga’s true landmarks, the Paramount Centre,” said Mohamad Fakih, Founder and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods. “Since opening the first Paramount Middle Eastern Restaurant back in 2007, I have always believed it is important to give back to the community and support the wonderful things the City of Mississauga stand for.”

Fakih, who calls Mississauga home says, “I am proud to continue to grow the Paramount Restaurants Brand in a city that believes in cultural diversity, innovation and small business development. This passion and inclusiveness are what makes Mississauga thrive as a community. I am truly honored and thankful for the support the people of Mississauga have given me and my family. We look forward to sharing many memorable moments to come at the new Paramount Centre.”

Through the sponsorship agreement, Paramount will also provide food services to the entire facility, including all concessions and events.

The City will continue to use the Hershey name until June 30, 2018.

City of Mississauga Flood Warning

The City of Mississauga has experienced substantial rainfall over the last 24 hours and the weather forecast is predicting an additional 20 millimetres of rainfall before the end of day Wednesday, February 21. Water levels will continue to rise in response to the rain and melting snow. Ice in the Credit River may begin to break up as water levels approach the top of the bank which will increase the potential for flooding due to ice jams.

For safety and to reduce potential damage, the following measures are recommended:

  • Avoid walking or driving in flooded areas
  • Stay away from creeks, rivers, streams and frozen bodies of water
  • Clear debris from catch basins near your home or business, as long as it is safe to do so
  • Call 3-1-1 to report blocked catch basins or road flooding in your neighbourhood
  • Do not open any sewer manholes under any circumstances


To report flooding, please call 3-1-1 or 905-615-4311 outside City limits. For emergency assistance, please call 9-1-1.

For more information as the Flood Warning continues, visit or follow the City of Mississauga on Twitter at @citymississauga.


Happy Family Day!

Our City offices will be closed on Monday, February 19, 2017 for Family Day.

Regular hours will resume on Tuesday, February 20.

Parking is extended from 8 a.m. to midnight.

Mississauga’s Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) starts on April 1, 2018

The City of Mississauga will introduce a four per cent Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) effective April 1, 2018. Council approved the new tax which will apply to stays for a continuous period of 30 days or less in a motel, hotel, lodge, inn, bed and breakfast, dwelling unit or any place that provides accommodation. Online private short-term rentals such as Airbnb and HomeAway will also be subject to the MAT starting on April 1.

“This is another step forward to putting Mississauga on the map,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Through the MAT, we will be able to reinvest significantly more money into the promotion of Mississauga, our culture, our activities and events, and further promote our city as a tourism destination. There is a ‘buzz’ about Mississauga these days and through the MAT, we will be able to do more to promote our great city to the world.”

“This is an exciting time for Mississauga Tourism as we will be able to fund marketing initiatives to support our large hospitality industry. I look forward to working with the Tourism Board as we develop our Master Plan,” said Pat Saito, Ward 9 Councillor and Chair of the Mississauga Tourism Advisory Board. “We will continue to provide our hotel industry stakeholders with thorough and timely information so they and their guests are prepared before April 1.”

City staff estimates that the MAT will produce $9.8 million in revenues annually, with a further $150,000 coming from online private short-term rentals. Two reserve funds have been created to manage the revenue collected. One reserve fund will ensure that the City meets its revenue-sharing obligations with Tourism Toronto. The other will collect the City’s share of the MAT to be used for future tourism-related initiatives.

“The two reserve funds ensure that all the MAT revenue is set aside from the City’s general revenue and is spent only on activities to promote and support tourism in Mississauga,” said Gary Kent, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. “Keeping the revenue separate also reflects the City’s commitment to transparency in how we do business.”

The MAT is a result of a new law by the Government of Ontario (The Stronger, Healthier Ontario Act Budget Measures) 2017) which allows municipalities to charge a transient accommodations tax. In addition to the exemptions required by the Government of Ontario, the City will exempt
overnight stays offered by a:
• shelter
• treatment centre that receives provincial aid
• house of refuge, or lodging for the reformation of offenders
• charitable, non-profit philanthropic corporation organized as shelters for the relief of the poor or for emergency
• tent or trailer sites supplied by a campground, tourist camp or trailer park
• employer to their employees in premises operated by the employer
• hospitality room in an establishment that may or may not contain a bed and is used for displaying merchandise, holding meetings or entertaining.

Information for hoteliers and their guests will soon be available on the Business section of City website at

In the spring, City staff will present a report to Council recommending next steps for the Tourism Master Plan, the funding agreement with Tourism Toronto and recommendations on the use of MAT revenues.

City to Install Innovative Dog Waste Containers in Mississauga Parks

The City of Mississauga is launching a one-year pilot program that will convert dog waste into renewable energy and fertilizer. Fifteen in-ground dog waste containers will be installed across eight City parks including the Animal Services facility this spring.

“Dog waste is frequently placed in recycling bins in City parks where it contaminates the entire bin, meaning it has to go into a landfill,” said Paul Mitcham, Commissioner of Community Services. “With approximately 300,000 dogs in Mississauga, these innovative containers have the potential to be well-used and can improve the correct collection of dog waste in City parks.”

City staff collaborated with Sutera Inc., to design a fully in-ground concrete container that holds dog waste for up to six weeks. Storing the waste below ground where it is cooler and out of direct sunlight reduces odour and means that the waste can be collected when the container is full. The waste will be emptied by a vacuum truck and taken to an organic waste plant where it will be safely converted into energy and fertilizer.

The City will evaluate the performance of the containers based on the amount of:
• Dog waste diverted from landfill
• Times the dog waste is collected
• Uncontaminated recyclables
• And pet owner engagement.

The City’s targets include:
• Collect 60 metric tonnes of dog waste annually – that’s equal to the weight of 11 full grown elephants.
• Collect approximately 60 per cent of uncontaminated recyclables – this will go towards the Region of Peel’s goal of 75 per cent waste diversion.

To stay informed about ways to live green throughout the year, visit or follow us on Twitter @MiLivingGreen and Facebook @SaugaGreen.

On-Street Parking is Suspended during Snow Operations

Parked cars on City streets reduce the ability of our winter crews to efficiently clear roads. You can help by removing parked cars from the street when it snows to give equipment space to work.

An on-street parking restriction is in effect in Mississauga year-round between 2 to 6 a.m. Parked or stopped vehicles that violate the City’s Traffic By-law 555-00 or on-street parking restriction will be issued a $40 penalty notice. They will also be subject to towing and storage fees at the expense of the owner. The vehicle’s operational condition does not exempt the owner from meeting these requirements.

Suspension of Temporary Parking Requests

Temporary parking requests can be suspended at any time during snow events to allow staff and machinery to safely clear our roads. New temporary parking requests will not be issued and current ones will not be recognized for the duration of snow clearing operations.

We kindly ask residents to remove vehicles from City streets in order for crews to complete snow clearing operations within our service standards timelines.

To find out if temporary parking considerations have been suspended:

* Follow us on Twitter @MississaugaSnow

* Contact 311 (905-615-4311 outside city limits) * Visit

Winter Maintenance Operations

This is just a reminder of the City of Mississauga’s snow plow operations. Please drive carefully in these conditions and be patient of others.

The City clears and salts roads, priority sidewalks, bus stops and pedestrian crossings within 12-36 hours after the end of a snowstorm. Back to back storms will extend this timing.

Winter maintenance standards are set by Council and help ensure emergency vehicles and transit can travel safely.

During a snowstorm crews focus on clearing priority routes. Local or residential streets are plowed after priority roads are cleared. Bare pavement is not guaranteed.

Snow Season Parking – Safety Comes First – Plan Ahead

Roads with parked cars take longer to plow or salt. Please remove vehicles from roads during heavy snowfalls.

winter on-street parking restriction is in effect in Mississauga between November 1-March 31between 2 a.m.- 6 a.m. Parked or stopped vehicles will be towed and stored at the owner’s expense.

During snow clearing, temporary paring requests (parking considerations) will not be issued and current ones will be cancelled.

City Recognizes Traffic Safety in Schools

Congratulations were in order today for four Mississauga schools and one principal who were recognized by Mississauga City Council for their commitment to traffic and student safety around their schools.

The Wilde Wood Award and the Dr. Arthur Wood Award are presented annually by the Traffic Safety Council to schools and individuals who have advocated and promoted traffic and student safety.
The following schools received the Wilde Wood Award for their outstanding leadership in promoting school zone safety and active transportation:

Lisgar Middle School, Ward 10
Mary Fix Catholic School, Ward 7
Ridgewood Public School, Ward 5
St. Alfred Catholic Elementary School, Ward 3

“The safety of students as they travel to and from school is paramount,” said Sue McFadden, Ward 10 Councillor and Traffic Safety Council Member. “These schools have demonstrated outstanding leadership in looking for and taking actions that help ensure student safety while also encouraging active transportation as a way to get to and from school.”

The Dr. Arthur Wood Award was presented to Margaret Wise-Hellmuth, former principal at Artesian Drive Public School for her dedication and commitment to advocating and promoting student safety and encouraging students to walk or cycle to school.

“Wise-Hellmuth championed and took a hands-on approach to traffic and student safety at Artesian Drive Public School. She streamlined the Kiss & Ride program so that it operated smoothly and was often outside keeping a close eye on traffic to maintain the highest level of student safety. She worked tirelessly to ensure students and parents understood the safety rules for vehicles and pedestrians around the school. I commend her for her commitment to student safety,” said Councillor McFadden.

The Traffic Safety Council is an advisory committee of Council which makes recommendations to help protect students from the dangers of vehicular traffic. Dr. Arthur Wood founded the Toronto Township Traffic Safety Council in 1955 which was renamed to the Mississauga Traffic Safety Council in 1974. His work promoting traffic safety for children was recognized with the naming of this award.

Know What’s Available to You

There are many financial assistance programs that are available to all residents of Mississauga and/or Peel who qualify.

We have compiled a list of available programs, including some provincial, for your convenience.

Click the PDF below for programs:

Financial Assistance and Programs

Texting Scam: Alectra warns residents

Alectra is warning Mississauga customers about a new texting scam that has risen, asking to click a link within the text for a hydro refund. The link then prompts you to choose your financial institution in order to “deposit your refund”.

This is fraudulent. Do not provide any personal banking information. 

Alectra will not send its customers credits via text message.