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A Vision for Malton

On October 14, members of the Malton community gathered to learn the results from the MyMalton project, a City-initiated review of the planning policies that shape the look and feel of Malton.

I’m excited to share the design and planning report from Urban Strategies – let me know what you think of these ideas, all based on community input! The report is a very large file, so we’ve uploaded it in sections:

You can also see an article about the October 14 presentation by the Mississauga News.

Mississauga Calls on Province to Impose Ban on Door-to-Door Sales

Mississauga City Council passed a motion last Wednesday calling on the Province of Ontario to impose a ban on door-to-door sales activities in the home services sector. The ban specifically addresses the sale or lease of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, water heaters, water filtration systems and other related home energy products and services by door-to-door sales agents.

The motion, brought forward by Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras, urges other municipalities to join with Mississauga in calling on the Province to act.

“Even with the recently implemented Stronger Protection for Ontario Consumers Act in April 2015, homeowners have continued to experience unsolicited, aggressive and misleading sales tactics at their door from companies seeking to sell home energy products,” said Councillor Ras. “These sellers are thumbing their noses at the existing provincial legislation. They misrepresent their identities, pose as government safety inspectors and tell their victims that they are there to conduct so-called mandatory checks. I’ve experienced this kind of behaviour myself, and we need to put a stop to it.”

The motion comes as part of a campaign called ‘StopTheKnocks’ which encourages homeowners across Ontario to lend their voices by signing the online petition on

“It is important for homeowners to know their rights when it comes to door-to-door sales,” said Janice Baker, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. “We ask residents to always be cautious when approached by anyone offering goods and services door-to-door.”

Most Fires are Preventable: Home Safe Home Campaign Kicks Off in Mississauga

Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) want you to open your door this Spring and Summer when fire crews come knocking to talk about fire safety.

Home Safe Home (HSH) is a free city-wide education and awareness program that teaches residents about fire prevention and life safety. Until September, fire crews will be going door to door distributing fire safety materials and conducting fire safety surveys to ensure that residents have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

“In Mississauga we are on a mission to zero – zero deaths and zero injuries due to fire,” said Jamie Zimmerman, Assistant Chief, Fire Prevention and Life Safety, MFES. “It should be unacceptable in today’s society for people to die in fires. Most fires are 100 per cent preventable. Think about it. It’s up to you.”

According to Zimmerman, there are three simple steps that could mean the difference between life and death which are:

  1. install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the proper location(s);
  2. develop a fire escape plan; and
  3. practice the plan on a regular basis.

During Home Safe Home, MFES encourages anyone with elderly parents or neighbours to check on them often, help them check their alarms and talk to them about their fire escape plans.

“We need to work together to influence and improve behaviour when it comes to fire safety,” added Zimmerman. “Be your family’s hero and keep them safe. There’s no excuse when it’s so easy to do.”

Birnie CurrentSAFE, a Mississauga-based electrical contractor has partnered with MFES for a third year to help spread the home fire safety message.

“We are proud to partner with MFES in their mission to save lives and prevent catastrophic losses,” said Tim Birnie, President, Birnie CurrentSAFE. “We have the same goal – to keep families and their homes safe.”

For information about the program, visit or call Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services, Fire Prevention and Life Safety at 905-896-5908.


To request a free HSH visit, call MFES Headquarters at 905-615-3777.

Mississauga Youth Participate in Rebel16

From May 1 to 7 the City of Mississauga is hosting its annual Rebel campaign. The campaign empowers youth ages 13 to 30 to get involved and make a difference within their community through music, film, the arts, culture and sport. Rebel16 features free drop-ins, workshops, events and activities all created by youth for youth.

Rebel16 Event Highlights

  • Saturday, April 30 from 4 to 7 p.m.: Pre-conference workshop with Ink Movement at Benares Historic House.
  • Sunday, May 1 at noon: Rebel16 free kickoff event at Clarkson Community Centre and Library – enjoy live performances, food and activities.
  • Monday, May 2 at 10:30 a.m.: More than 1,700 students from across Peel will participate in Ontario Summer Games (OSG) 101 at Mississauga Celebration Square – a countdown to the Games. The event also marks Music Monday, an annual celebration that connects youth across the country to celebrate the gift of music. Students will get the chance to sing along to We are One, the Music Monday anthem which will be sung across the country.
  • Monday, May 2 to Thursday, May 5 from 3 to 5:30 p.m.: Youth artists will perform at 10 City community centres in the Rebel Lounge.
  • Wednesday, May 4 at 6 p.m.: Film presentation and online expressive activity (open to all) targeted to Aboriginal Youth at Benares Visitor Centre.
  • Thursday, May 5 at 6 p.m.: Meadowvale Theatre is hosting a technical workshop for youth who want to learn how to set up a band on stage with lighting and sound
  • Sunday, May 1 to Saturday, May 7: Mississauga libraries are offering a variety of Rebel16 programs for youth throughout the week.


For a full list of all Rebel16 events and activities, please visit: To get involved in Rebel16 week, email Also follow @SaugaYouth on Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #Rebel16.


  • Rebel16 marks National Youth Week, National Youth Arts Week and Music Monday.
  • More than 8,000 youth participated in Rebel Week in 2015.

Last year, youth donated 1,657 volunteer hours during Rebel15

Today Is Earth Day!

Earth Day is a day dedicated to environmental protection and is celebrated annually across the globe. Each city hosts a series of events where residents gather together to symbolize their commitment to the environment.

The City of Mississauga is committed to greening its city and has hosted many events aimed at curbing our carbon footprint to mitigate the effects of our changing earth systems.

Tomorrow is the City’s annual “One Million Trees Planting” at Heatherleigh Park. Starting at 9 a.m. until 12 p.m., you can expect family fun activities, a neighbourhood tree tour and, of course, planting trees.

If you want to do something more home-based, consider greening your daily activities. Behavioural changes, even as small as they may seem, can make a huge impact. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Consider trading in plastic water bottles for a reusable bottle
  • Turn your taps off while brushing your teeth and/or scrubbing dirty dishes
  • Purchase reusable bags and take them with you whenever you go shopping
  • Wash your laundry in cold water instead of hot
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room and when it’s a sunny day, don’t turn the lights on at all! Enjoy the natural light!


These are just a few tips to help yourself get started!

If you want to share your green activities, you can use the hashtag #SaugaEarthDays.




City to License Outdoor Clothing Donation Drop Boxes

The City of Mississauga is proposing required licensing of outdoor clothing donation drop boxes by June 1, 2016 through its Business Licensing By-law.

“There are currently requirements for clothing donation boxes under the City’s Zoning By-law including that they be for registered charities,” said Mickey Frost, Director, Enforcement. “The proposed changes to the Business Licensing By-law will help to more effectively regulate outdoor clothing donation drop boxes to ensure they are kept in a reasonable condition and benefit registered charities only.”

The City’s Zoning By-law requires clothing donation boxes be for registered charities, have a setback of six metres from a residential area and not block parking space. The following additional amendments to the Business Licensing By-law would be made for clothing boxes:

• A licence is required for every clothing donation drop box.
• The by-law would permit the removal of derelict, illegal or unlicensed outdoor clothing donation drop boxes.
• Every new licence application for an outdoor clothing donation drop box would require a letter of agreement between the property owner or agent and the licensee.
• Two clothing donation drop boxes will be permitted per property.
• Outdoor clothing donation drop boxes must be in good working order, free of rust, graffiti and pests and the immediate surrounding area kept in a reasonable condition at all times.
• If clothing donation drop boxes are not maintained in accordance with the by-law, the City may issue a work order to the property owner or to the licensee to bring it into compliance. Failure to comply with the order may lead to suspension and/or cancellation of the licence.
• The fees for removing and disposing illegal clothing donation drop boxes may also be recovered by adding the charge to the property owner’s tax roll and collecting the charge in the same manner as property taxes.

The licence fee for the boxes is under review.

Once Council has enacted the by-law, Enforcement staff will notify all previously identified owners/operators of outdoor clothing donation drop boxes and related property owners of the requirement of a business licence under the Business Licensing By-law by June 1, 2016.

MiWay Fare Changes Take Effect May 1 – Some Fares Frozen

On May 1, some MiWay fares will increase while cash, student and child fares remain the same.

“Some MiWay fares are increasing to offset the cost of system enhancements and maintain the sharing of transit costs between riders and taxpayers. MiWay remains an affordable transportation option in Mississauga with fares that compare to other Greater Toronto Hamilton Area transit systems,” said Geoff Marinoff, Director of Transit. “About 50 per cent of our customers use PRESTO as their choice of fare payment and we continue to encourage this transition to PRESTO with more PRESTO choices beginning on May 1.”

Click here to view Fare Changes Effective May 1st, 2016.

* $1 Senior cash fare in effect during off peak hours, weekends and holidays) – under Council Review (see Seniors’ One Dollar MiWay Ride Extended into 2016)

Fare Change Details:

  • Cash fares will remain at the 2015 rate of $3.50
  • The student fare will remain the same for students aged 13 to 19 years old. Rates are frozen at the 2009 rate
  • High school student tickets that have been purchased prior to May 1 will still be accepted as valid fare
  • All MiWay monthly paper passes will be discontinued on May 1 and are no longer available for purchase
  • A new senior monthly PRESTO Pass can be purchased beginning April 17 for May 2016 at the price of $61


Marinoff added that MiWay continues to invest in creating a transit-oriented city through the transition to using PRESTO as a fare payment option; more efficient service on the Mississauga Transitway – the City’s east-west dedicated bus corridor; and the  implementation of  MiWay 5 – a five year service plan that shifts the City’s transit network to a grid system.

City to Improve Consumer Protection and Safety for Vehicle Towing and Storage

This week, Council approved additional regulations and procedures including a vehicle towing and storage online software application and creation of a subcommittee to improve consumer protection and safety for vehicle towing and storage.

The subcommittee is to review options to help eliminate chasing. The subcommittee will be formed of Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Ron Starr Councillor Ward 6 and Towing Industry Advisory Committee Chair, Matt Mahoney Councillor Ward 8 and Vice Chair of the Towing Advisory Industry Committee, Nando Iannicca Councillor Ward 7 and Carolyn Parrish Councillor Ward 5.

“We are looking at what is best for the consumer and taxpayer while ensuring safety, good governance, transparency and value for tax dollars,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Consumer protection on this matter is important. At this time, we did not feel that operating our own pound was the best option for Mississauga. The options we are looking at would provide significant consumer protection and generate fewer complaints and risks against the City.”

“We are leading on this issue and in many ways our current by-law is aligned with Bill 15 and in some aspects it is more strict,” said Ron Starr, Councillor, Ward 6 and Chair of the Towing Industry Advisory Committee. “Towing and storage of vehicles impacts a great number of residents, industry stakeholders, police agencies and other levels of government in different ways. We need to modernize how towing and storage is being regulated. We will not be limiting our overall review but will be examining all available options.”

“Vehicles are towed daily in cities across Canada for a variety of reasons including mechanical failure, accidents, parking violations or other offences,” said Matt Mahoney, Councillor, Ward 8 and Vice Chair  of the Towing Industry Advisory Committee. “The right processes and procedures need to be in place that work best for all concerned. The work ahead of us will improve safety and consumer protection.”

Centralized Vehicle Pound Facility Feasibility Study:
Tow trucks for hire in Mississauga are licensed by the City. In 2015, Mississauga Council requested the staff report on the feasibility of establishing a City-run vehicle pound facility. Other alternatives to a City-run vehicle pound facility where reviewed as well.

The City of Mississauga conducted a comprehensive review; Centralized Vehicle Pound Facility Feasibility Study (CVPF). Council reviewed a number of options to ensure safety, consumer protection and that the City’s by-laws conform with Provincial Bill 15 – Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act regulations.

Staff conducted research and interviews with Members of Council and the City’s Towing Industry Advisory Committee, representatives from the vehicle towing and storage industry, representatives from the auto insurance industry and police to identify best practices and opportunities.

For more information read:
Centralized Vehicle Pound Facility Feasibility Study

Mississauga Offers Property to Habitat for Humanity

The City of Mississauga is moving forward on affordable housing in partnership with Habitat for Humanity to build two semi-detached homes with legal basement apartments on a vacant property to accommodate eight households in total.

The property is a former fire station located at 3136 Victory Crescent in Malton.

“Mississauga’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity demonstrates the City’s commitment to finding ways to increase the supply of affordable ownership and rental housing in the city,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Affordable housing is a priority identified in the City’s Strategic Plan, and we will continue to work toward meeting the demands of our growing population.”

Habitat for Humanity will be responsible for demolishing the fire station, debris removal, decommissioning the oil tank onsite and for all building permits and development charges. It will receive the property for $2.

“Bold, creative actions are needed to help address the critical shortage of affordable housing in Mississauga, including the Malton community,” said Councillor Carolyn Parrish, Ward 5. “The City’s efforts with Habitat for Humanity will result in an affordable place to live for up to eight families, generate revenue through property taxes and add families to a very welcoming neighbourhood.”

The City of Mississauga is developing an affordable housing program in collaboration with the Region of Peel, the provincial and federal governments and other private and public sector organizations. The program is expected to be established by the end of 2016.

MyMalton: Planning and Development Committee Outcome

Last night the final report for MyMalton Community Vision was presented to City Council. Through Councillor Parrish and efforts from City staff, the MyMalton project gave residents the opportunity to give their input for the future growth and positive development in Malton. You can view the final document here.

Planning and Development established a Corporate Report with the following key Recommendations:

  • That staff prepare an Action Plan for “MyMalton Community Vision” from Urban Strategies Inc.
  • That staff review and prepared revised Official Plan Policies with consideration of the Vision, Principle Themes, Key Moves and Additional Initiatives outlined in the report titled, “MyMalton Community Vision”


Councillor Parrish moved to have Additional Recommendations and they were carried. The following are Additional Recommendations that are now included in the Action Plan for MyMalton:

  • That staff prepare a proposal to designate the Village of Malton a COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT, initially focusing on the four hubs identified in MyMalton as requiring immediate improvement:
    • A) Malton Community Commons, Westwood Mall, Malton Greenway, Elmcreek Park and Darcel Avenue high-rise complex
    • B) The area surrounding the interesection of Airport Road and Morning Star, including Derry Greenway, Victory Hall and the Fire Station 
    • C) The area surrounding the intersection of Airport Road and Derry Road including the raised strip plazas and retaining walls and Frank McKechnie Park
    • D) Paul Coffey Arena and Paul Coffey Park


Included in the proposal will be necessary changes to Official Plan policies as well as by-laws necessary to ensure building rehabilitation, improvements to publicly accessible open space, augmentation of recreational facilities, the additions of affordable housing (especially for seniors), street furniture and improved lighting, reforestation and other landscaping.

Also included in the proposal will be municipal funding programs and financial incentives for private sector investment to assist with eligible works and targeted improvements to specific buildings and facilities.

Lastly, that staff prepare a multi-year Action Plan, with financing subject to Budget, and report back to Council as soon as possible.

Tonight: MyMalton Project on Planning & Development Agenda

This is just a reminder that the MyMalton Project will be on tonight’s Planning and Development Agenda.

Everyone is welcome to come and listen to final documents that will be presented to City Council regarding the outcomes of the Community Vision sessions and what the next steps will be for the future growth and development of Malton.

The meeting will be held in Council Chambers tonight at 7:00 p.m. 

Come see Councillor Parrish in action!