“On behalf of the Board of Directors PCC 607, I wish to personally extend the gratitude of all of the Residents of 1525 South Parade Court. Your extremely quick response to our concerns over the existing playground was so very much appreciated, and we do thank you ever so kindly. The Unit Owners are much obliged for your thoughtfulness.” —Laurie Da Silva, President, Board of Directors PCC 607

“I would like to thank you for all your efforts regarding my tax issues with the builder. This reaffirms my faith in your dynamism, dedication to the welfare of the people and vigorous follow-up on issues.” —Najeeb Kazmi, Genovese Place

“Thank you for looking out for the residents’ of Mississauga. I hope that you will continue to fight for us.“ —Laurel Stultz CGA

“When the Region decided to increase representation on Mississauga Council, two new seats were added, one filled by former renegade Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish. Were other Councillors emboldened by her mere presence? A so-called ‘Group of 7’ emerged. They started to say no, ask uncomfortable questions like: Why were those who sat on the Enersource board of directors being compensated so heavily for very limited work? . . . The lesson here is this: being a renegade isn’t all that bad; and changing the way we look at our landscape can be invigorating.” —Rick Drennan, Editor, Mississauga Business Times, April 1, 2010

“I just wanted to advise that the graffiti has been removed and I thank you for your efforts in getting this done. This is the second time that I have asked for your assistance and you have delivered. You certainly have my vote in the next election. My family thanks you once again.“ —Mario Pallota, Roseborough

“Thank you on behalf of myself and neighbours for the removal of the “mountain” of dirt left by the previous developer…You represent what political savvy and action is all about.” —Bobby Schmutz, Nov. 13, 2008

“It is my pleasure to have you as my family’s Ward Councillor since the last election, and before as our MP. You are a strong representative who does not back away from being true to your constituents, even in the face of political pressure …You are a strong and intelligent leader that looks at the whole picture of what is required to make this city great…You definitely have my vote.“ —Eleanor Lobo-Lee, Credit Heights

“You are one dynamic lady! Your energy, imagination and ability to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Canada Day have given this City an incredible event of which every citizen can be truly proud. Thanks for making this local boy part of it!” —Mike Bullard, Beyond the Mic with Mike Bullard, Newstalk 1010

“Mississauga is a fantastic place to live. We have the best schools, transportation systems, city services, seniors programs…Keep up the good work and thank you for caring about our wonderful city of Mississauga.” —Phyllis Galbraith, The Woodlands