Today, staff presented the City’s Budget Committee with an overview of the proposed 2018 Business Plan and Budget. Andrew Grantham, CIBC’s Senior Economist provided an economic outlook for the City as part of the overview.

Grantham noted in his remarks, “That while growth in Canada is expected to remain modest, the City is well positioned to grow above the national average. Traditional industries continue to expand at a solid pace. These include wholesaling and service sectors such as finance and scientific development, which are increasingly important to the City’s economy.” The full presentation is available online as part of the meeting agenda.

The proposed overall tax impact on residents is a 2.74 per cent increase on the 2018 residential property tax bill. Of this, 1.58 per cent is for the City’s services, and 1.16 per cent for Region of Peel services.

For the owners of an average, detached, single-family home in Mississauga (value $604,000), a 2.74 per cent overall tax increase comes to $141, or $23.27 per $100,000 of assessment, before any phased-in assessment change.

The overall tax increase is 1.64 per cent on the 2018 commercial/industrial property tax bill. Of this, 0.95 per cent is for the City’s services, and 0.70 per cent for Region of Peel services.

“The City’s annual Business Plan and Budget process ensures that residents are getting value for their tax dollars,” said Jeff Jackson, Director of Finance and City Treasurer. “Our comprehensive business plan, paired with the valuable input received from residents, helps Budget Committee make informed decisions on the proposed 2018 Budget.”

From September 11 to November 1, the City encouraged residents to have their say about the budget by trying the online budget allocator tool, visiting the City’s budget web page and participating in one of three telephone budget sessions. Through these engagement activities, 23,823 residents provided input on the City’s proposed 2018 Budget.

Based on the results from the online budget allocator, most residents agreed with the proposed spending for 2018. Many identified traffic management and winter road maintenance as the City services to receive increased spending. Respondents were pleased with the opportunity to provide feedback and urged the City to continue to find efficiencies and cost savings. The full report on 2018 budget engagement is available online as part of the Budget Committee meeting agenda.

The following programs and service areas also presented their 2018 Business Plan and Budget:

Fire and Emergency Services
The proposed 2018 net operating budget is $106.3 million.

The proposed 2018 net operating budget is $67.3 million.

Parks and Forestry
The proposed 2018 net operating budget is $33.1 million.

Budget Committee Meeting Update
The City of Mississauga’s Budget Committee meetings on the proposed 2018 Business Plan and Budget will continue as follows:

Tuesday, November 21 – 9 a.m.
Mississauga Library, Recreation, Information Technology, Facilities and Property Management and Culture

Wednesday, November 22 – 10:30 a.m. (immediately following Council)
MiWay, Stormwater, follow-up reports and Budget Committee’s overall recommendation

Residents can address the Budget Committee through deputation by contacting the City Clerk’s Office. Council is expected to approve the proposed budget on December 13.

The Budget Committee meeting schedule may change. Please visit the Council and Committee Calendar Listings for up-to-date information.

Information about the City’s budget and the budget process is available online at Residents can participate in the budget process as follows: