My commitments to the residents of Ward 5

Ward 5 is an extremely diverse ward with two distinct but complementary sections that make an incredible challenge for those who would serve it well.

Filled with warm, friendly and hard-working people, Ward 5 residents deserve to be treated with respect and provided with excellent service from their Councillor.

My commitments to you:

  • I pledge to remain your Councillor as long as you need and want me to represent you
  • I will bring my experience and my ability to attract private sector donations and senior government grants to Ward 5
  • I will ensure we get our fair share of the huge tax base that is produced in Ward 5
  • I will watch carefully, every week at City and regional Council, ensuring not one penny of your hard-earned tax dollars is wasted
  • Most importantly, I will ensure your calls are returned promptly, your questions answered and your opinions valued

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If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to contact me.