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The Day Our Ship Came In!

On July 23, 2021 — a scorching hot day— Earthworks started the installation of the massive ship, lighthouse and other amazing components of the incredible Fairwinds Park at Eglinton and Fairwind Drive. A long but fascinating day!
Thank you to Jay Kana of Modern Mississauga!

A New Park for Ward 5!

The City has completed the purchase of 27 acres of parkland, formerly used as a 9 hole golf course. The intention is to keep the land as passive recreation with walking trails, areas in which to picnic and just enjoy the peace and quiet of a large green space in the middle of a bustling city.

Once part of a 100-acre family farm owned and worked by the Scott family for over 80 years, we intend to raise funds for the installation of giant insect – climbing equipment to place along the trails for children to enjoy. EARTHWORKS, the company that built the creative playground in Fairwinds Park, will be commissioned to build giant ladybugs, dragon flies and bees, in keeping with the natural theme of the new park!

We’re looking forward to our next amazing addition to the Britannia Community.

Hot off the Press – Our Malton and Britannia Fall 2021 Newsletters!

Click here to download the PDF’s:

Carolyn Parrish News Malton Fall 2021

Carolyn Parrish Ward 5 News Britannia_Fall 2021






Ahoy Matey! Our Ship Came In at Fairwinds!

We want to hear from you about the Malton Hub

The City of Mississauga is converting the former Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School pool in Malton into a Hub providing services and programs that reflect local community youth needs.

Have your voice heard!

What you can do:

Join a virtual information session

April 20 at 6:30pm for youth & students

April 21 at 2pm for community agencies & stakeholders

April 22 at 6:30pm for residents

CLICK HERE to learn more about the project and how to have your voice heard!


Goreway (former Starwinds) 7085 Goreway Drive

Finally, the long vacated Starwinds Grocery building next to the fire station on Goreway will be demolished to be replaced by two affordable apartment buildings and townhouses – much needed new residential units in Malton. The apartments are family-sized with two and three bedroom units. The location is conveniently within walking distance to Westwood Square, Paul Coffey arena and Park and the bus terminal. The Village has very little residential land remaining so this conversion of commercial space to residential will be most welcome.

Bristol Road East and Hurontario – 30 Bristol Road East – Riocan

These buildings by Riocan have been approved on the east side of Hurontario at Bristol Road. They are replacing a portion of the plaza that was lost due to fire. They will be rental buildings, increasing the City’s low supply. Mississauga has been tasked by the Province, in conjunction with Brampton, to take 55% of accommodation for 700,000 new residents by the year 2051. Given we have very little land left to develop, the type of construction these buildings represent is practical infill where infrastructure like water/sewer pipes and roads as well as schools and community centres already exist. Sitting on the proposed LRT, on site parking can be kept to a minimum with the attached plaza parking available for guests to the building. Construction is due to start shortly.

Paul Coffey Park Renovations

Celebrating our Community for Black History Month

This year we are recognizing Mississauga’s Black trailblazers, organizations and businesses who have gone above and beyond in the past year, during the pandemic, to help and uplift the community through various initiatives, programs and artistry.

Here are four community leaders that Carolyn would like to specifically acknowledge:

1. Hyacinth Harper and Beverly Patterson from Mount Zion Church in Malton. These two ladies have been running the Mount Zion Food Bank from two trailers in the church parking lot – recently replaced by a donated school portable – for many years. Through the hardship of Covid they have tripled their efforts joining forces with S.H.I.P who are the anchor agency for the new Malton Youth Hub and SEVA Food Bank run by a Sikh Group in Erindale and Malton. They have expanded from food assistance to include massive collections of cleaning and sanitizing products, virtual learning equipment and personal hygiene products for the whole family. Incredibly dedicated to their black church community, they have enthusiastically shared hundreds of hours with all members of the Malton Village who are in need. I will send a photo of Beverly at the end of this email.

2. Blossom Patterson had been a very active member of the Malton Neighbourhood Services Team for many years. She organizes special activities for Seniors including a massive Christmas hot lunch for all Malton’s Seniors in cooperation with the staff at the Malton Community Centre. Covid hasn’t stopped her. While in person events have been stopped, Blossom arranged for packages to be delivered to needy seniors all through the lock downs, checked in on the vulnerable by phone and generally spread sunshine to those who needed it most. She’s a real gem.

3. Pat McNaughton: Patricia is the most incredibly perfect staff person the City could have placed in Malton. She treats the Village, and especially the children, as though every soul there was a member of her own family. As Manager of the Malton Community Centre, Paul Coffey Arena and Park, she knows who the families in need are and had gone out of her way to alert my office as well as the various social agencies working in Malton to the specific needs of her extended “family”. For summer parks programs, she arranges donated registration fees. For the Malton BIA bike repair shop which provided kids with 160 donated bikes during Covid, she made Victory Hall available and protected from floor damage. For community health, cleaning products and food distribution she pitched in with personal funds and hours of personal time. She knows the kids who hang out at the Community Centre during lunch breaks because they have no food, and buys them lunches.

Malton Greenway Bridge Replacement Information

Please be informed that all four bridges (01 -04) along the Malton Greenway will be replaced over the next few months.  Public access will be impacted at each site for short periods. 

Bridges 03 & 04 (behind Westwood Mall – See attached Map)

  • Prep work will begin around November 18th – bridge closure is not required for this work
  • Bridge 04 – installation (requiring closure of the existing bridge) is tentatively scheduled for November 21st
  • Bridge 03 – installation (requiring closure of the existing bridge) is tentatively scheduled November 28th
  • Service Disruption signs will be installed at the sites identified in the attached map

Bridges 01 & 02 (behind Lincoln Alexander Secondary School)

  • Prep work late November – bridge closure is not required for this work
  • Bridges 01 & 02 – installation dates are targeted for late November to mid-December – I will confirm actual dates when I have confirmation from the contractor.  Service Disruption signs will be installed a week prior to installations.

Service disruption signs will be installed for Bridge 04 in the next few days. 

Thanks to Jim Hurlburt, our CF 100 Shines Once Again!

A great big THANK YOU to Jim Hurlburt & Sons Restoration in Barrie and to PPG Canada. When the CF 100 was completely restored two years ago, PPG donated all the paints, including the clearcoat.
Residents may have noticed that the upper surfaces of the plane began to get cloudy this past few months.

Jim Hurlburt, as is his habit, periodically drives around and checks his projects. He noticed the the clouding which we wouldn’t have noticed over the winter. It just looked like frost.

Jim contacted PPG who sent someone out to look at it. They immediately agreed to have the Hurlburts strip and replace the clearcoat with one more UVRay resistant. The job was completed over the Labor Day weekend.

Our CF 100 is once again perfect. The professionalism and workmanship of Jim Hurlburt & Sons and PPG Canada is amazing. Many thanks.

New public washroom at Westwood Square Terminal – Mississauga News

The annuncement of this new public washroom is great news for users of  Mississauga’s busiest transit hub. This is something that Carolyn Parrish has been championing for a long time – great to see coming in the Fall!

Mississauga News Article by Steve Cornwell

What’s going on here? New public washroom at Westwood Square Terminal

Washroom scheduled to open in fall 2019

by Steve Cornwell  Mississauga News

The Westwood Square Transit Terminal is under construction as it gets a new accessible public washroom, scheduled to open in the fall of 2019.


The bus terminal at the Westwood Square mall has a new public washroom. – Riziero Vertolli


The terminal is accessible 24-hours a day, seven days a week and serves more than 9,000 passengers during a typical weekday, making it one of Mississauga’s busiest transit hubs

In additional to MiWay buses, the terminal has connections to Brampton Transit and the TTC, which provides service to Humber College and Etobicoke General Hospital.

The washroom unit was pre-fabricated and brought on the site July 31.

Project work, which includes sanitary, water and power infrastructure connections, concrete paving, installing sidewalks and heated shelters is slated to cost around $1 million, according to Mississauga city staff.

The washroom was approved as part of the 2018 budget and was funded with money from the gas tax as part of the capital construction and improvement program.

In 2018, Mississauga’s gross total capital budget was over a $164 million.



Development of Fairwind Park

Fairwind Park has been designed by the community. First we consulted residents and had the fire station moved from its original location, which would have been where the purple oval now denotes a playground. Well attended public meetings were then held June 5 and September 26 as the final concept plan took shape. Construction begins Spring 2019.

I have committed to raise $800,000 from private donors to build an accessible, fantasy ship to inspire physical activity and imaginative play. The result will be an accessible natural wood fantasy creation to stimulate physical activity and imaginative play. It will also suit the adjacent Cooksville Creek and the wetlands that will be preserved in the park. Construction of the park begins Spring 2019 with the creative playground completed sometime in 2020.

Britannia Fall Fair September 29

An old tradition has returned to the Britannia Farm with our second annual community Fall Fair at the Old Britannia School House. This year, again with lead sponsor Pinnacle International, as well as TMG, and three Tim Hortons stores. We’ll have an old fashioned fair with a few surprises – a veggie market, Horse and Wagon rides, Free Tim Hortons beverages, a BBQ and bouncy castles, cotton candy and popcorn, Dixie Land music, an incredible 80 foot T-Rex hot air balloon for tethered rides and much more. Put Saturday September 29th 11:00-5:00pm in your calendars!

What’s Next for the Britannia Farm?

Housing and commercial development slated for 33 acres of the Britannia Farm along Hurontario has been indefinitely delayed due to the Province of Ontario taking over the management of the Peel District School Board. The development was painstakingly designed and vetted through several community meetings with Ward 5 residents. It was to be a unique setting with a giant pond/winter outdoor skating rink and destined to use designs and building materials in keeping with the rural theme of the farm. The heritage buildings were to be clusters around the Britannia School House and preserved.

Most importantly, the funds realized by the sale of land for this project were intended to create a massive 167 acre outdoor education centre with trails throughout for public access. In time, this unique project will be completed I’m sure.



City Council recently gave final approval to the rezoning of the 32 acres along Hurontario and Bristol Road for mixed use development. The Peel District School Board Trustees will now decide if the land will be offered for long term lease or for sale. The land prices for large pieces of land like this are climbing, making this parcel worth well over $100 million if sold. A sale would bring more revenue for the relocation of the Heritage Buildings and development of the Outdoor Education Centre.

What type of development should you expect to see on these 32 acres? City Staff can only suggest the number of units and heights of buildings that the property should hold. They are looking at up to four high rise buildings not exceeding 16-20 stories close to Hurontario with boutiques, fruit and bakery markets, restaurants and other shops in the bases of these buildings to animate the LRT stretch.

The city requires that the land facing residences on the south side of Bristol Road should contain units no higher than two or three stories and have put that into the rezoning documents. Finally, I have suggested that because of the uniqueness of the Farm as a whole, it is important to have structures that compliment the 168 acre farm built with natural materials, open spaces and compatibility with the Heritage buildings. Rather than open the property to a bidding contest where the highest bidder is free to load the space with metal and glass, I suggested to Chair Janet McDougald that the Board consider having the price set for the land and then invite proposals which will be judged on design and materials and chosen for their compatibility with their surroundings.

Whatever is decided, it will be done very soon. This has the potential of being one of the most exciting projects in Ontario and it will be happening right here in the Ward 5 community!

A Youth Drop-In Centre and Health Club for Malton

Possibly the most exciting announcement involves conversion of the abandoned Lincoln Alexander SS swimming pool into a full Youth Hub. Closed seven years ago when the new Community Centre opened across the road, the City-owned building on Peel Board land has had its doors chained, waiting for just the right proposal for the more than 10,000 residents under the age of 19 who live in Malton. With the reminder that 11% for the Region of Peel’s operating budget comes from Ward 5, and 24% of the City’s, Councillors were convinced to put the $10 million required for the conversion of 12,000 square feet of space, into 2019 budgets. Regional and City Councillors unanimously voted to convert the unused pool into this hub. The ground floor will be a drop-in centre for after school casual use: music, computers, pool tables, a creative art centre and a functioning kitchen. A 40% mezzanine will house social and health services under the umbrella organization of the United Way of Peel and Malton Neighborhood Services which recently received a $300,000 provincial grant for HUB development.

Financial Assistant Programs for Older Adults

As Mississauga’s older adult population grows, there will be those in need of financial assistance. The City of Mississauga offers many assistance programs for older adults, including programs for low-income seniors.

These programs include:
• Property Tax Rebate Program
• Stormwater Subsidy Program
• Yard Maintenance Subsidy Program
• Active Assist Program
• Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program
• MiWay Affordable Transit Program
• MiWay Senior One Dollar Cash Fare – Off-Peak Program

For more details about these City programs and other financial assistance programs offered by the Region of Peel, the Government of Ontario and Government of Canada, visit

Goreway Bridge Under Construction

After years of promises, multiple delays and a fair share of mysetery, a Contract is being awarded in the amount of over $40 million to finally build the Goreway Bridge. Delays have driven the costs up by $19 million. The Brampton City staff are the lead on this project.

Goreway over the CN tracks will be closed for 12-15 months for construction, eliminating the need for track rerouting and detour construction which would add $9.5m to the costs and 26 months to the project.

After consulting with many residents of Malton, it was agreed we’ve waited too long for the bridge at a location that sees 15,000 vehicles a day regularly being halted by 50 freight trains per day. The road closure will be a small inconvenience to ensure to finally enjoy the convenience of our overpass.

Britannia Fall Fair

An old tradition has returned to the Britannia Farm with our second annual community Fall Fair at the Old Britannia School House. This year, again with lead sponsor Pinnacle International, as well as TMG, and three Tim Hortons stores. We’ll have an old fashioned fair with a few surprises – a veggie market, Horse and Wagon rides, Free Tim Hortons beverages, a BBQ and bouncy castles, cotton candy and popcorn, Dixie Land music, an incredible 80 foot T-Rex hot air balloon for tethered rides and much more. Put Saturday September 29th 11:00-5:00pm in your calendars!

Stormwater in the Spring

Now that spring rains are here, residents often start thinking about stormwater around their home. Many have questions about how the City manages stormwater from rain events.

The City’s stormwater system carries stormwater away from homes and businesses to keep people, properties and the natural environment safe. There are many parts to this complex system – some visible and some underground. The public may see roadside catchbasins, which are the metal grates and drains on the street, but there are also ditches, pipes, watercourses, creeks, the Credit River, stormwater management ponds and even roads helping to carry stormwater runoff to Lake Ontario. Because of the huge quantities of stormwater that drain during storms, stormwater cannot be chemically treated in the sanitary sewer system. Instead, it flows directly into our natural environment.

The City continues to invest in our stormwater system to ensure that it serves the residents and businesses of Mississauga. As one example, the City is building the enormous Matheson stormwater management pond to help contain and hold back stormwater and reduce the flood risk for homes in the Cooksville Creek watershed. The lands surrounding this pond will also serve as a park for the community. Many other infrastructure and maintenance projects are also underway. City staff inspect our creeks and the Credit River to identify erosion, debris and other issues that could impact our watercourses and aquatic ecosystems. In addition, City staff investigate and contain spills of contaminants in the stormwater system and our waterways.

Residents also play an important role in protecting their own home from flood damage and helping the stormwater system do its job. Simple steps include ensuring that stormwater flows away from your house through proper grading, disconnected downspouts and keeping eavestroughs clear of debris. Residents can also protect stormwater quality by cleaning up and properly disposing of oil, pet waste, cigarette butts and other garbage and contaminants. Remember, any chemical or waste that ends up on the ground will flow into the stormwater system (and into Lake Ontario) during the next rain. To learn more about the City’s stormwater system, visit: