After sitting on the Board of Directors of the Mississauga Food Bank, it became clear that the local community food banks supported by that central agency had difficulty sourcing one particular item and that was MILK.  Sometimes a loss leader in grocery chains, it was nevertheless the one basic, expensive dietary item most requested by needy families.

For the past eight years, we’ve put on an event in June specifically to raise funds to enable local food banks to purchase milk and eggs. In the Fall, the Milk Fund purchases all the unsold produce at Celebration Square Farmers’ Market over ten weeks at a great discount. It is then distributed to several local food banks. The farmers do not have to reload their produce and store it in coolers for another day, and the food bank families enjoy fresh produce all through the fall.

The Milk Fund event takes place at the spectacular Harding Waterfront Estate on Lakeshore Road with approximately 250 persons in attendance. Each year we have generous corporate sponsors and average profits well above $100,000. Over eight years the event has been able to distribute over $1 million throughout Mississauga specifically for essential dietary items like milk.

The 2020 evening was cancelled because of COVID-19 but generous donors continue to provide funds enabling many local food banks to feed the hungry in their most difficult year to date.  The photos shown here are from our last event in 2019 with a country western theme.  We look forward to the end of the restrictions on group events so that this very worthy cause can continue.

What a great time had by y’all!

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