The Region of Peel would like to remind residents who generate home health-care waste that they need to properly dispose of it.

“The Region of Peel is currently seeing an increase in the amount of home health-care waste that is being placed in recycling,” says Norm Lee, the Region’s Waste Management Director. “We’d like to remind everyone of the appropriate disposal techniques so that this waste is properly managed.”

Residents who generate home health-care waste (other than sharps) – which includes dialysis tubing, filters, and disposable towels and sheets, colostomy bags, IV bags and tubing, gastric and nasal tubes, and soiled dressings and incontinence products – should:

  • double-bag the home health-care waste, and
  • place it in their garbage.


Residents who use sharps (needles, syringes and lancets) should obtain a free biohazard container from one of the Region’s six Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) so that they can:

  • place their sharps in it,
  • return the biohazard container filled with the sharps to a CRC for free disposal, and
  • get a free replacement biohazard container.


Please note: the sharps should not be placed in any other container or cart.

Residents can also visit pharmacies participating in the Ontario Sharps Collection Program for a similar biohazard container service. (Check

If residents have more home health-care waste than will fit in their garbage, they should contact the Region’s waste line at 905-791-9499 or or call 905-584-2216 toll-free in Caledon to inquire about how to be added to the Region’s medical waste exemption list.