Congratulations were in order today for four Mississauga schools and one principal who were recognized by Mississauga City Council for their commitment to traffic and student safety around their schools.

The Wilde Wood Award and the Dr. Arthur Wood Award are presented annually by the Traffic Safety Council to schools and individuals who have advocated and promoted traffic and student safety.
The following schools received the Wilde Wood Award for their outstanding leadership in promoting school zone safety and active transportation:

Lisgar Middle School, Ward 10
Mary Fix Catholic School, Ward 7
Ridgewood Public School, Ward 5
St. Alfred Catholic Elementary School, Ward 3

“The safety of students as they travel to and from school is paramount,” said Sue McFadden, Ward 10 Councillor and Traffic Safety Council Member. “These schools have demonstrated outstanding leadership in looking for and taking actions that help ensure student safety while also encouraging active transportation as a way to get to and from school.”

The Dr. Arthur Wood Award was presented to Margaret Wise-Hellmuth, former principal at Artesian Drive Public School for her dedication and commitment to advocating and promoting student safety and encouraging students to walk or cycle to school.

“Wise-Hellmuth championed and took a hands-on approach to traffic and student safety at Artesian Drive Public School. She streamlined the Kiss & Ride program so that it operated smoothly and was often outside keeping a close eye on traffic to maintain the highest level of student safety. She worked tirelessly to ensure students and parents understood the safety rules for vehicles and pedestrians around the school. I commend her for her commitment to student safety,” said Councillor McFadden.

The Traffic Safety Council is an advisory committee of Council which makes recommendations to help protect students from the dangers of vehicular traffic. Dr. Arthur Wood founded the Toronto Township Traffic Safety Council in 1955 which was renamed to the Mississauga Traffic Safety Council in 1974. His work promoting traffic safety for children was recognized with the naming of this award.