For many years, the City has been concerned about Malton’s CF 100 Avro Interceptor in the Legion Memorial Garden on Derry Road. It is one of only 27 left in Canada, one of only three supported on a pedestal. All others rest on their reinforced landing gear on the ground, in airplane or military museums.

With continuing deterioration, staff once again expressed concerns which sounded insurmountable. I consulted with some long-term Malton residents and local organizations and heard that the loss of our CF 100 would be devastating. In light of this, I decided to do some investigation on my own.

Lo and behold…I found another CF 100 perched on a pedestal in Haliburton, reinforced and repainted five years ago by a company called “Heritage Metal Restoration”. Local residents and organizations fundraised and volunteered on the project. I know we can do the same here.

From the photo I sent the company, they believe our CF 100 can and should be saved. They will be doing a site inspection shortly. I also plan to improve the site access from Paul Coffey Park with a footbridge connecting the site with the park.

Once again, Joe Iannelli from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aerospace’s, a Malton Boy, has stepped up with expert volunteer labour and a willingness to fundraise. MHIA is the lead sponsor for the Castles Playground being built this summer in Paul Coffey Park.

Fingers crossed for the site inspection. It looks like one more historic project will be underway in Malton!