Carolyn Parrish will bring opportunity to MaltonI grew up and taught high school in Rexdale, just across the highway from Malton. I’m concerned that property standards, commercial development and neighborhood redevelopment is not on par with our Etobicoke neighbour. Nor is Malton up to the economic standards of the rest of Mississauga.

Over 75% of the City’s industrial taxes are generated by Ward 5 businesses, yet the ward has not been receiving its fair share of amenities and improvements.

This is due in part to inconsistent, long-term representation at Council. Your councillors have used Malton as a “departure lounge”, a take off point to greater heights.

I will begin by insisting Transport Canada review and lift their restrictions on building heights and housing densities.

I will immediately ask Council to designate Malton a ‘Community Improvement Area’, attracting City Planning to do a massive review of the Village and supplementary funding.

I will initiate discussions with senior levels of government to attract innovative, exciting job-creating projects to Malton, an accessible transportation hub.

I know that families in Malton need a place to enjoy each other’s company and to be outdoors. I plan to rejuvenate Wildwood Park by building a creative playground for our children, similar to High Park’s Adventure Playground. I will also ensure that the park is replanted after the devastation caused by the Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Long-Horned Beetle.