We hope that everyone had a safe and joyful holiday season and we cannot wait to get started on projects that will benefit our ward in the new year!

This is just a reminder that cart-based waste collection starts the first week of January. Also, your waste collection pick-up days may have changed in the process but the Region has put together a search engine on their website where residents can enter their address and get a personalized collection calendar.

You can find out your collection days by clicking here.

There has been a lot of issues with the size of the carts but they can be exchanged in April if you feel the carts are unsuitable for your household needs. The three-month period will give you time to decide if these carts are the right size given that they will hold two weeks worth of waste.

During this time, keep in mind that Organic Waste will be collected every week, while Recycling and Garbage will be collected every other week. If your Garbage is collected one week (along with Organics), then your Recycling will be picked up the following week (along with Organics).