The city is holding a public meeting on proposed amendments to its noise policies around Toronto Pearson International Airport.

“They’re out-dated, overly restrictive and are unnecessarily stifling development in residential communities within the Airport Operating Area (AOA),” said Sharleen Bayovo, a planner with the City of Mississauga.

With a coverage area of 123 square kilometres, the AOA encompasses employment and residential areas within Mississauga, Toronto and an employment district in Brampton.

Because of the noise that comes from the airport, certain land uses, redevelopment opportunities and infill are restricted.

In Mississauga, neighbourhoods impacted by these policies include Meadowvale Village and East Credit Neighbourhood Character Areas, parts of Malton and the Gateway and Airport Corporate Centres, which fall in the noise exposure range of 30 to 40.

If the noise exposure is 35 or less, the current policy permits redevelopment and infill redevelopment, but does not allow density greater than surrounding areas.


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Rachael Williams, The Mississauga News, August 31, 2016.