Long overdue! The land required to build the Goreway Bridge at the CNN tracks has been sold by the Province of Ontario (to clear massive tax arrears by a former business) to a new owner. The City of Brampton, Mississauga’s partner in the new bridge, can now purchase the strips of land on the shoulders of Goreway, which are required to widen the approach for a bridge and reroute the three sets of railway tracks during construction.

After 25 years of traffic congestion, lengthy delays, pollution and angry drivers, this project is finally under way! Council approved Mississauga’s share ($19.7 million) to be phased into our capita budget starting in 2017. Just under the wire – the Environmental Assessment, which is good for 10 years, was completed in 2007.

Persistent prodding on a weekly basis, for the past two years, have finally resulted in action by the provincial government. The vast majority of Malton residents have been waiting for this bridge for most of their adult lives. It is finally under way!

The Paul Coffey Arena renovation, a cleanup of the Greenway, flower planters on Airport Rd., the Castles Playground for Summer 2017, Canada Day at Westwood Square – campaign promises should and will continue to be kept.