The finishing touches on the first four Mississauga Transitway stations that opened for MiWay service in November 2014 will begin in December. Much of the work will be completed by the end of January 2016.

You may have noticed the unfinished concrete cladding on the outside of the stations as well as landscaping at Central Parkway, Cawthra, Tomken and Dixie stations. The project’s general contractor went into receivership in the later part of this summer and filed for bankruptcy protection in August 2015. This contributed to the delays related to these four stations.

The unfinished stations are a concern for the City. As such a new contractor is now in place to address the finishing touches of these stations. The City has contracted Buttcon Limited to complete the unfinished details on these stations.

All four stations met rigorous safety testing and requirements prior to opening last November. The unfinished work is related to aesthetics and does not impact the safe use of these stations.

Buttcon has awarded a subcontract for the exterior concrete cladding and these panels are currently being manufactured. Installation of the cladding at Central Parkway, Tomken, and Dixie Stations is scheduled to take place in December 2015 and January 2016.

General landscape work including clean-up of beds at stations will begin this fall and plantings will be completed in spring 2016 when nursery centres have more available stock and weather is better suited to planting.