It’s the season of Cold Weather Advisory and during this time some homeowners may experience frozen water pipes. The Region of Peel has provided tips for thawing frozen pipes should it happen in your home.

  1. Locate the suspected frozen area of the water pipe (it is usually close to the exterior wall or where the water enters the home through the foundation)
  2. Leave a cold water tap downstream of the location open, so that when the water begins to flow again, you know the pipe has thawed
  3. Apply heat to the suspected frozen section of the pipe by using one of the following methods:
    • electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe
    • electric hair dryer
    • portable heater (be sure not to place near flammable material and do not leave the heater in an enclosed area


If you are not able to locate the frozen pipe, or do not feel comfortable using any of the above methods, contact a licensed plumber.

To prevent frozen pipes, keep this mind:

  • Maintain a consistent temperature in your home that is above 15 C (60 F)
  • Insulate the most susceptible pipes – usually the pipes located near outside walls – you can find foam pipe insulation at most hardware stores
  • seal any leaks that allow cold air inside, especially in areas that are near pipes. You can use caulk or insulation to keep the cold out and heat in.