Malton residents have been waiting patiently for many years for traffic to speed up along Torbram Road and Goreway Drive. Congestion has been terrible where these streets cross the train tracks.

Plans for the Goreway bridge are well underway. Next month, council will vote to start expropriation of the required lands for construction. The goal is to have possession of the lands by September.

Meanwhile, staff is working with CN Rail, the Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Alectra and the Ministry of the Environment to gain the needed permits and to ensure that traffic operations and hydro pole relocation occurs smoothly.

The region plans to have most of the design completed by next month. Right now, staff anticipate that the project could be ready to tender in early 2018. At last, the wheels are in motion!

The underpass at Torbram Road has seen a few delays, mainly caused by an increase in train traffic. City Council recently approved a budget increase for the project to keep it on course. You can learn more in this Mississauga News article from April 19.