Malton residents have shown over and over again how much they care about their village. In keeping with this sense of pride, I, along with Malton Community Animal Rescue, would like to create awareness of the growing street cat population in the community.

Street cats are growing in number for several reasons, including a lack of volunteers to catch, neuter and find homes for cats; or concern in the community that calling Animal Services will result in euthanization.
Please contact the Malton Community Animal Rescue at to find out how you can help Malton’s street cats this winter.

High school students may be able to obtain community service volunteer hours by fostering kittens, promoting awareness, fundraising, finding warm post-surgery recovery space and helping at adoption centres.

Remember that cats are excellent at hiding. We only realize there’s a problem when they’re forced to roam further for food and we see them trying to cross the road. The unnecessary suffering of cats and kittens in the winter is avoidable with the help of the community.

Over November 13-15 , PetSmart at Airport Rd and Queen St will be participating in an Adoption Weekend. Stop by to see some cute pets in need of their forever homes.

Finally, if you have an animal you can no longer care for, please contact Animal Services to help locate a new home for your pet. Do not just let it loose.