Carolyn Parrish will bring a Heritage Park to Ward 5I look forward to working closely with the Trustees and staff of the Peel District School Board to finally bring about an appropriate, long-term project on the Britannia Farm.

The 200-acre property was intended to benefit children and be enjoyed by the community – I would like to make this happen using a combination of City and private sector funding. Property values could only increase when the preservation of the farm is finally realized.

As Chair of the Peel Board from 1988-90, I encouraged the retention of the property as a demonstration heritage farm. Unfortunately, with funding shortages, the Board can’t afford to develop and maintain the property.

It will be my mission to raise the necessary grants and private money to create a showpiece the whole community can enjoy.

A working committee – including Trustees, community and business representatives and your Councillor – can design, build and maintain a glorious heritage farm for the education of our City’s children and the enjoyment of our City’s residents.

I am a very successful fundraiser having raised $750,000 over 3 years for Canada at City Hall and over $250,000 for the Mississauga Food Bank  – I will complete this important project with the support of local businesses to keep our costs low and rental revenue can pay for the farm’s upkeep.

I am also greatly concerned that poorly designated bicycle lanes along Bristol have been installed – and reinstalled – without adequate data to support their creation nor sufficient consultation with residents to ensure their acceptance. Bristol is a busy arterial road with many intersections, which create confusion and dangerous situations.

There is also discussion regarding the widening of McLaughlin Road through the PDSB sugarbush and the subsequent loss of 421 mature trees. A fulsome discussion with residents, City and Board Staff, Trustees and traffic experts must take place before a shovel hits the ground. There are always simple solutions to complex problems within a room full of creative thinkers.