August 2020  — the Malton BIA used the funding that usually goes into a huge Canada Day event, with spectacular fireworks, to rent Victory Hall for the month, put protective coverings on the floors, buy equipment and supplies and set up a Bike Repair Shop. The purpose of the shop was to process donated bikes from individuals and organizations like the Region of Peel Waste Management Department and MiWay lost bikes.

Hundreds of bikes were provided to the shop, some requiring minor tune ups and some needing replacement parts.  Some provided those parts as they were truly beyond repair.  Approximately 160 perfect bike were given free to kids of all sizes and some parents in the Malton Community. All went out the door over 4 weeks with bells, water bottles and helmets – many of which were donated by local stores and others purchased by the Malton BIA.

The Bike Shop was staffed by an amazing crew of volunteer young people conscripted by our amazing Angie Munnick, the most incredible organizer in Malton.  All volunteers wore masks, gloves and maintained social distancing.

The project continues with equipment and donated bikes going to the Lincoln Alexander SS auto repair shop where the program will continue, teaching students how to repair and maintain bicycles and giving them free to kids whose families are going through tough times and can’t afford to buy new ones.

So what happened to the bikes stripped down for parts, those proud two wheeled beauties whose time in service had come to an end?  Why, they were converted to pieces of art: 12 spray painted bright red and installed in the planters on Airport Road and multicoloured pyramid sculptures with bike racks attached at Malton Community Centre, Paul Coffey Arena and Victory Hall.  A tribute to bike riding in the Village of Malton!

Click an image below to see a larger view!

Hearty thanks to Adam Patel (Bike repair mentor) and Carlo Nabati (Bike repair mentor) for their dedication every day the bike shop was open and their ability to transfer valuable skills to the following young volunteers:

  • Nisha Ilyas
  • Sajeda Vadia
  • Jasnoor Kalsi
  • Gurbaksh Khamb
  • Somalpreet Khamb
  • Gurvishwas Singh Sohal
  • Rishev Basu
  • Agnibha Misra
  • Hiramirit Sohal
  • Harisimarit Sohal
  • Tyler Sewdat Shamma
  • Dene Pellington