Residents were greatly disappointed when former Chief Evans decided to close the Community Police Station at Westwood Square for budget reasons.  The relative isolation of the Malton Community, the more than 20 minute drive to the police divisions that served Malton, all combined to increase the crime rates over the 18 months that the station was closed.

The community got organized. A small group of residents, organized by Angie Munnick and Ann Barkley worked hard to collect over 3500 signatures on a petition asking for not only the reopening of the Community Station, but for a full division to be designated to serve Malton.

Together we presented our requests to the new Chief, Nishan Duraiappah, and the Peel Police Services Board. We were well received. Fieldgate Developments, owners of Westwood Square, signed a lease for the space, providing a lengthy period of free rent, cleaned and painted the space and we had a quiet opening due to Covid.

The most significant part of this new Community Station is one you actually can’t see. The main floor office has two officers for an eight hour shift Monday to Friday (names to be provided). More importantly, the lower floor with a separate entrance, is a centre of police activity 24 hours a day. Officers who patrol the Village and surrounding area take lunch breaks, file reports and are always present downstairs.

Chief Nish has assured the residents of Malton that he has even greater plans for police services in Malton. We are most grateful to him and to mall owner Jack Eisenberger for providing the high profile location for the station as well as the unseen hub of activity on the lower floor. I am personally thankful to the team of residents that went door to door, set up tables at village events and convinced thousands of residents to sign a petition which had such excellent results. Community participation works!