The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in consultation with the City and Region of Peel, has been undertaking a flood management study in the Malton area since early 2014.

During the July 8th, 2013 severe weather event there was a significant amount of damage to the Malton area.  On that day, residents experienced flooding due to a variety of reasons, and in a number of ways.  There had also been reports of flooding prior to this last event.

The Malton Flood Management Study examines the impacts of the July 8th storm as well as historical events and determine:

1) what are the risks of riverine flooding (flooding due to rivers overtopping their banks);

2) what are the impacts to the local sewer system during severe rainfall events;

3) what is the capacity of the local storm sewer system; and

4) is local, or ‘lot level’ drainage contributing to the flood risk.

Typically, the City, Region and Conservation Authority are responsible for different portions of the infrastructure mentioned above.  However, this study brings all three agencies together in order to examine the issues as a whole. Once the causes of the flooding are better understood, we will be able to recommend flood mitigation projects (which may require an Environmental Assessment) with the goal of reducing the risks to people and their property during future flood events.

TRCA has received funding for Flood Remediation projects from the Region of Peel and will coordinate the study. We shall work closely with Councillor Parrish’s office and will be providing opportunities for input by members of the Malton community, as well as updates on our progress at major milestones.

Laurian Farrell, P.Eng, MLA | Senior Manager | Flood Risk Management & Infrastructure | Restoration & Infrastructure Division
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