Carolyn Parrish has never been one to shy away from a challenge. After taking on President George W. Bush for his march to war when she was an MP and holding Hazel McCallion to account for questionable business dealings involving her son, Parrish is hoping to win back a seat on city council.

But a couple of her Ward 5 opponents aren’t going to hand her victory in a pivotal race, one that could go a long way to shaping the future of Mississauga.

“We’ve been abandoned several times over recent years. I’m going to be screaming for Ward 5 at City Hall, if I win,” Parrish says. She’s referring to the Ward’s last three councillors: Cliff Gyles, who was removed from office after his municipal corruption conviction for accepting a bribe; Eve Adams, who won a federal seat in 2011 and Bonnie Crombie, who after three years as the Ward councillor is now running for mayor.

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Metro News, October 23, 2014