Improvements to parks and trails, transportation and infrastructure highlight the progress the City of Mississauga is making to create an accessible community.

The City’s Accessibility Coordinator, reported the achievements of Mississauga’s 13th Annual Accessibility Plan to the General Committee of Council.

Highlights included:

Malton Village Park was developed with accessible seating, an accessible picnic table, wide paved pathways, tactile warning plates at curb cuts and accessible parking

• Six trails received paving construction and reconstruction

• Over 79 parks received accessible seating and benches

Accessibility improvements were incorporated into building renovation projects at City Centre Transit Terminal washrooms, Civic Centre stairways, South Common Parks Depot, Mississauga Central Library, Frank McKechnie Community Centre, Huron Recreation Centre and Mississauga Valley Community Centre

• MiWay installed 200 new bus pads throughout Mississauga to make transit more convenient and accessible

• Twenty-six adult volunteers with developmental disabilities participated in the Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) and Secondary School Project

• The City revised its Documentation Standards Policy to include an Accessibility section that provides standards to be applied to all City documents

The City also launched a new Inclusion Resource Team in partnership with Community Living Mississauga to support adults with developmental disabilities.