Yesterday, staff presented Mississauga’s Budget Committee with an overview of the proposed 2017 Business Plan and Budget as deliberations got underway. Included as part of the overview was CIBC Economist Andrew Grantham’s economic outlook for 2017.

CIBC Senior Economist Andrew Grantham noted in his presentation that while growth in Canada is expected to remain modest, the City of Mississauga remains well positioned to grow above the national average. Traditional industries such as wholesaling and service sectors such as finance and scientific development, which are increasingly important to the City’s economy, continue to expand at a solid pace. The full presentation is available online as part of the meeting agenda.

“The annual Business Plan and Budget process ensures the City’s resources are spent wisely and that residents are getting value for their tax dollars,” said Jeff Jackson, Director of Finance and City Treasurer. “We value the resident input we have received which, together with the economic outlook, will help Budget Committee make informed decisions.”

From September 22 to November 4, the City sought input from residents on the proposed 2017 Business Plan and Budget. This was done via the online budget allocator tool, three telephone budget sessions and student outreach to four Mississauga schools. As a result, 25,931 people provided input on the City’s proposed 2017 budget.

Results from the online budget allocator show that people identified traffic management most often as the City service to receive increased spending. This was followed by winter road maintenance. Many comments showed support for the opportunity to provide feedback and for finding efficiencies and cost savings. The full report on 2017 budget engagement is available online as part of the Budget Committee meeting agenda.

The City of Mississauga’s Budget Committee meetings on the proposed 2017 Business Plan and Budget will continue on November 29 and 30, and on December 6, 7 and 12.

The Budget Committee meeting schedule may change. Please visit the Council and Committee Calendar Listings for up-to-date information.

Information about the City budget and the budget process is available online at Residents can participate in the budget process as follows:
• try the City’s budget allocator
• email questions and comments to
• contact the Mayor or your Councillor
• attend Budget Committee meetings in person, or watch them live online
• receive updates on Twitter and Facebook