On May 1, some MiWay fares will increase while cash, student and child fares remain the same.

“Some MiWay fares are increasing to offset the cost of system enhancements and maintain the sharing of transit costs between riders and taxpayers. MiWay remains an affordable transportation option in Mississauga with fares that compare to other Greater Toronto Hamilton Area transit systems,” said Geoff Marinoff, Director of Transit. “About 50 per cent of our customers use PRESTO as their choice of fare payment and we continue to encourage this transition to PRESTO with more PRESTO choices beginning on May 1.”

Click here to view Fare Changes Effective May 1st, 2016.

* $1 Senior cash fare in effect during off peak hours, weekends and holidays) – under Council Review (see Seniors’ One Dollar MiWay Ride Extended into 2016)

Fare Change Details:

  • Cash fares will remain at the 2015 rate of $3.50
  • The student fare will remain the same for students aged 13 to 19 years old. Rates are frozen at the 2009 rate
  • High school student tickets that have been purchased prior to May 1 will still be accepted as valid fare
  • All MiWay monthly paper passes will be discontinued on May 1 and are no longer available for purchase
  • A new senior monthly PRESTO Pass can be purchased beginning April 17 for May 2016 at the price of $61


Marinoff added that MiWay continues to invest in creating a transit-oriented city through the transition to using PRESTO as a fare payment option; more efficient service on the Mississauga Transitway – the City’s east-west dedicated bus corridor; and the  implementation of  MiWay 5 – a five year service plan that shifts the City’s transit network to a grid system.