On September 19 from 1-9pm we will set up a temporary gathering space at Elmcreek Park (on the west side of the Malton Community Centre) with places to sit & relax, and some light entertainment to create an engaging atmosphere for you, your family & friends. The splash pad will be open for one last day and at 7:45pm Disney Pixar’s animated film Inside Out will be screened in the park. Bring your blankets, pack a picnic and come watch this lovely film with your community.

MyMalton – a joint public engagement and research project between The City of Mississauga and Urban Strategies – has heard you loud and clear about creating more public gathering spaces in your community. The MyMalton Community Common Pop Up will be testing out this idea.

C’mon by and enjoy this pop up gathering space. Sit, relax and get to know your neighbours.

For more information please contact: Anthea Foyer anthea.foyer@mississauga.ca

For more information about MyMalton:  http://www.mississauga.ca/mymalton