Last night the final report for MyMalton Community Vision was presented to City Council. Through Councillor Parrish and efforts from City staff, the MyMalton project gave residents the opportunity to give their input for the future growth and positive development in Malton. You can view the final document here.

Planning and Development established a Corporate Report with the following key Recommendations:

  • That staff prepare an Action Plan for “MyMalton Community Vision” from Urban Strategies Inc.
  • That staff review and prepared revised Official Plan Policies with consideration of the Vision, Principle Themes, Key Moves and Additional Initiatives outlined in the report titled, “MyMalton Community Vision”


Councillor Parrish moved to have Additional Recommendations and they were carried. The following are Additional Recommendations that are now included in the Action Plan for MyMalton:

  • That staff prepare a proposal to designate the Village of Malton a COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT, initially focusing on the four hubs identified in MyMalton as requiring immediate improvement:
    • A) Malton Community Commons, Westwood Mall, Malton Greenway, Elmcreek Park and Darcel Avenue high-rise complex
    • B) The area surrounding the interesection of Airport Road and Morning Star, including Derry Greenway, Victory Hall and the Fire Station 
    • C) The area surrounding the intersection of Airport Road and Derry Road including the raised strip plazas and retaining walls and Frank McKechnie Park
    • D) Paul Coffey Arena and Paul Coffey Park


Included in the proposal will be necessary changes to Official Plan policies as well as by-laws necessary to ensure building rehabilitation, improvements to publicly accessible open space, augmentation of recreational facilities, the additions of affordable housing (especially for seniors), street furniture and improved lighting, reforestation and other landscaping.

Also included in the proposal will be municipal funding programs and financial incentives for private sector investment to assist with eligible works and targeted improvements to specific buildings and facilities.

Lastly, that staff prepare a multi-year Action Plan, with financing subject to Budget, and report back to Council as soon as possible.