It’s been 3 1/2 years since Netherwood Plaza was demolished. Shortly after it was discovered that a former dry cleaning shop had dumped toxic chemicals behind the unit, necessitating extensive remediation to the soil supervised by the Ministry of the Environment.

Whereas the City’s by-laws mandate safety fencing and weed control, there is nothing that can force an owner to put up hoarding that blocks the view of an ugly site.

The owner intended to build 26 attractive semi-detached homes and a corner convenience store. The application received draft plan approval subject to conditions that included a cleanup of toxic chemicals in the soil. That approval expired August 23, 2020. With the prospect of having to start all over again with a concern approval might not be coming, the City was able to demand a more in depth cleanup of the site and the installation of view-blocking hoarding.

With a further “donation” from the developer, and contributions from the Malton Business Improvement Association (BIA) and the Peel Regional Police Community Outreach Fund we were able to install stretches of attractive mural to improve the site until building can begin.

The Ministry of the Environment is due to take it’s final soil samples this summer and construction can hopefully begin soon after.

Below is a letter which was sent to residents in the area along with a photo of the mural.