On January 1st, a new Ontario law came into effect regarding pedestrian crossovers and school crossings.

The new law indicates that drivers must remain stopped at crossovers or crossings until the person, children or crossing guards are safely on the sidewalk.

This is just a reminder to everyone that this law is in full-effect as there have been incidents where cars have driven by even though they had not made it off the roadway. Under this law, drivers and cyclists can be fined up to $500 and lose demerit points.

Crossovers, School Crossings and Crosswalks – Know the Difference

Crossovers – these are identified by specific signs, pavement markings, overhead lights and push buttons

School Crossings – a crossing guard is usually stationed here to aid children crossing the road

Crosswalk – found at intersections with traffic signals, pedestrian signals or stop signs (like in the featured picture)