Mississauga seniors hoping to learn if they would be able to ride transit buses for just $1 will have to wait as City of Mississauga councillors today chose to pass on making a decision.

Ward 5 councillor Carolyn Parrish was set to introduce a motion that, if passed, would have created a one-year pilot project where seniors could ride MiWay transit buses for $1 during non-peak hours. However, when it became clear that her plan wasn’t going to find much support this morning outside of Ward 9 councillor Pat Saito, Parrish agreed to defer it.

Saito suggested Parrish wait until after the Region of Peel report on extending its transit subsidy program to a wider group of low-income residents is completed. Parrish agreed but also made it clear she’s not willing to drop the idea completely.


The Mississauga News, March 11, 2015