Today, Council approved changes to Mississauga’s Leash-Free Zones to keep them safe for users.

Anyone walking more than four dogs at one time, up to a limit of eight dogs, in one of Mississauga’s Leash-Free Zones will need to apply for a permit from the City of Mississauga. This permit must be visible while using any Mississauga Leash-Free Zones.

The Dog Walker Permit Fee will be $250, with a $50 charge, for each additional dog walker. The new Dog Walker Permit Fee in the City’s Parks & Forestry Fees and Charges By-law will take effect this Spring.

Leash-Free Mississauga (LFM) will also work with the City to provide better education to Leash-Free Zone users to help ensure that children, parents and dog owners use the areas in a safe manner. 

For more information read the corporate report, Mississauga Leash-Free Zones.