More of Mississauga’s most popular online services are now on Pingstreet – a free mobile app. The City of Mississauga is expanding services available through the “Report a Problem” button and “Meetings & Events” button.

Report a Problem 24/7
Using a smartphone, residents can now report on five new issues under the “Report a Problem” button:

  • Three hour parking violations on a City street
  • Abandoned shopping carts on a private property
  • Damaged trees on City property
  • Request pruning of a City owned tree


Get Real-Time Access
Outside of Council and General Committee, two additional standing committees have been added under the “Meetings & Events” button. Residents can now stay up-to-date and access a calendar of upcoming Budget, and Planning and Development Committee meetings directly on the app.

The Pingstreet mobile app is free and available for download at the following stores: App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry World, and Windows Store.

Other features availble on the Pingstreet app include Mississauga’s latest news, Twitter feeds, Mayor and Council information and waste collection schedules from the Region of Peel.

Visit to learn more.