In October last year, Council passed a resolution to form a working group to consider a program for residential properties.  As a result of the working group, the City of Mississauga will have three stormwater programs for residential properties:

• Enhanced Residential Stormwater Outreach and Education Program
• Home Visit Pilot Program
• Stormwater Subsidy Program for Low-income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities in single residential homes

“The enhanced Outreach and Education Program together with a Stormwater Home Visit Pilot Program and a stormwater subsidy for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities will help address the needs of our residents and still allow the City to meet its stormwater financial responsibilities,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie.  “The working committee formed of Members of Council and staff listened to residents needs and concerns to help determine the most valuable and balanced approach for the City.”

On April 13, 2016, two workshops were held to collect input on potential options for programs that would recognize and encourage stormwater best management practices on residential properties. In total, 179 people participated in the workshops and the City received responses or comments through email and the workshop.

“We looked carefully at the comments and input we received from residents to balance their needs with what was workable,” said Helen Noehammer, Director Transportation and Infrastructure Planning. “Affordability, information and compensation for stormwater management measures taken were common themes among respondents. For most homeowners the amounts the City could offer through a credit or rebate would not encourage significant participation. Administrative costs including inspections would be five times greater than the credits or rebates awarded.”

Outreach and Education
An enhanced program will focus on increasing awareness of stormwater issues.  The program will include information about the City’s stormwater projects, face-to-face outreach at City facilities, workshops on flood protection and tours of low-impact development sites.

Stormwater Home Visit Program
The Home Visit Program would be added to help homeowners use stormwater best practices on their property. It would extend beyond outreach and include specific information on what actions homeowners can take on their property including eavestrough maintenance, downspout disconnection and rain barrel installation. This program would be funded for two years to determine its value.

Subsidy program for Low-income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
The Stormwater Subsidy Program is for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities that own a single residential home to offset their stormwater charges. Eligibility for the program will be based on the City’s Tax Rebate Program.

For more information read the corporate report: Stormwater Programs For Residential Properties