The Story of M is the story of Mississauga told by Mississaugans. This city is full of people, with human experiences, and all of you are what make this city so special. We are building a project that allows your experiences to become part of the history of the city. This city-wide project will begin in Malton where we are looking for your stories.

So what are we looking for?  We are looking for stories about your experiences in Malton:

  • Tell us about when you arrived here. Maybe you were born here – maybe it’s your chosen community
  • Tell us a story about a moment you felt you belonged.
  • Tell us what connects you to this place.
  • Tell us about moments of love or of loss – these moments connect us and make us human.

We are looking for your stories – these are some suggestions but we know there are more. What makes you, your community, your friends and your family connected to this special place? What are the stories that make us all understand our city better by understanding its residents?

We will be collecting stories from now until October 1 in a variety of ways –through social media and a variety of pop up events.

Social Media:

  • on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter use the hash tag #StoryOfM_Malton. We will collect and showcase these at
  • upload a video on YouTube and send us the link
  • Look for more opportunities at and in your community over the next two months!

We are looking forward to meeting you and building the Story of Mississauga together.

For more information: