The proposal to close our community police station at Westwood Square was arrived at without consultation with the community, the owners of the mall, or your councillor. It was based on a reduction in crime for the area surrounding the mall, a desire to redeploy the three officers out into the community and in a minor way, the cost of the station rental and clerical staff.

Upon hearing of the proposal, several things happened. The mall owners offered to reduce or completely remove the rental fees and a meeting with Police Chief Evans and your councillor was booked.

After some negotiation, a compromise was reached. There was agreement that the Malton Village community will be better served by re-designing the function of the station at 7205 Goreway Dr.

A police sub-station will be in the same location, with the same signage, designed for many officers to use during their shifts for administrative duties and breaks. Many cruisers and officers will be in and out of the station, maintaining a high profile police presence in the community. Non-emergency reports by citizens will be received at 21 Division by phone or online, 24 hours a day.

Thank you to everyone who got in touch with my office when this important issue came up. Malton’s safety is a top priority and I’m happy to work with the community to find solutions that will work for all.