Mississauga City Council approved the new stormwater charge at today’s meeting. The stormwater charge will be on the Region of Peel water bill starting in January 2016.

Council approved:

Stormwater Corporate Report
Stormwater Funding Program Policy
Stormwater Credit Policy for Multi-Residential and Non-Residential Properties
Stormwater Charge Subsidy Policy


What the new charge means to Property Owners
Different types of properties have different amounts of stormwater runoff. Property owners will be charged based on the amount of hard surface area on their properties. 
  • Residential properties will be grouped into one of five tiers by size – from extra-small to extra-large. A number of billing units will apply to the tier – for example, homes in the medium tier will be assigned one billing unit.  Homes will be put into a tier based on the size of rooftop area which is based on aerial imagery; this imagery will be updated annually.
  • Multi-residential and non-residential property owners (such as condominiums, apartments and businesses) will be assigned one billing unit for every 267 square metres of hard surface on their property.
  • The 2016 stormwater rate will be set at $100 per billing unit. Each year, Council will set the stormwater rate as part of the City’s budget process. In 2016, residential property owners will pay $50 to $170 for stormwater depending on their tier.
  • The majority of residential property owners will pay $100 or less.
  • There are programs available on stormwater management for residential property owners in Mississauga.
  • There is a credit program available for multi-residential and non-residential property owners.
Learn more about the charge, how it will work, and the programs available, by visiting stormwatercharge.ca.